PreFAB is an iconic space in a historic venue for co-working, pop-up meetings, merchandising, sales, seminars and trainings. It is a multidisciplinary space designed to breathe new life into San Diego’s creative scene.  

PreFAB provides a unique meeting space and public showcase offering a variety of configurations including gallery, pop-up merchandising, meeting, seminars and dining.


More than an incubator, PreFAB offers a conceptual product ‘instigator’ designed to help start-ups and entrepreneurs in product development, visualization, manufacture, marketing, and sales. 

For marketers & merchants, PreFAB is an ideal venue for pop-up displays and product sales.

PreFAB offers a private meeting and creative space for business mentors & trainers, designers, retailers, merchandisers, event planners and community service organizations.  

PreFAB’s flexible and inspiring space is ideal for networking and training, pop-up sales and flea markets, and celebrations.


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